Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Websites to Besleham unit & Enanalloor Unit

Our units Besleham and Enanalloor started their own blog websites:

Happy blogging !

Meeting of Forane and Diocesan Ex. Committees

A Meeting of the available members of the Forane Committee and Diocesan Committee were convened on 28th June at 6.30 pm at Jeevajyothi to discuss the conduct of the Half Yearly Council to be held on 9th July at Vazhakulam.
Diocesan President Royson Kuzhinjalil, Director Rev. Fr. Joseph Kochuparambil, Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Kottarathil, General Secretary Rijo John, Forane President Cris Thomas, Director Rev. Fr. George Chemparathy, Secretary Tom John and Treasurer Aju Jose were present.
It is decided to make all arrangements for the smooth conduct of the programme.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The Executive Committee met on Sunday 26 June at 12.30 pm at Vazhakulam discussed the following and made necessary arrangements for:
1. Cancer Awareness booklet release
2. St. Thomas Day celebrations
3. Fund raising
The Committee included Ms.Femy Varghese Kandathikudiyil Enanalloor as Committee Member in the vacancy of Ms. Dona Mary Thomas Kattamkottil Kalloorkad.
President presided over. Director Rev. Fr. George Chemparathy led the discussions.
Femy Varghese


Ashna Shaji & Anmy John -Team Vazhakulam
 The 'Sabha Charithra Quiz Competition' at theForane Level was held on 26 June at Vazhakulam. Team from Vazhakulam unit won the first prize. The team members were Ms. Anmy John Cheruparambil and Ms. Ashna Shaji Koottumkal. Enanalloor and Ayavana won the second and third prizes. Congrats to all winners!
Jismy Kurian & Femy Varghese- Team Enanalloor

Elsa Rani Jose & Fels Saju -Team Ayavana

Friday, June 24, 2011

26 June - Ex. Meeting@ 12.30 pm & Quiz at 2.00 pm

An Executive Meeting of the Forane Committee is scheduled to be held on 26 June at 12.30 pm at Vazhakulam. All members must attend.

Thereafter, the Forane Level 'Sabha Charithra Quiz' competition will be held, starting at 2 pm.
All teams from units are informed to report at 1.45 pm at the venue.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Welcoming all...
Inaugural Message by Rev. Fr. Mathew Konickal, Director, Ayavana Unit 

Message of the Day by Rev. Fr. Jose Pulloppillil, former Director
Fr. George Chemparathi, Director
Fels Saju, Former Forane Secretary
Roby Thomas, President, Besleham unit & Former Forane President

sharing the taste of unity...
Refreshing...storming brains...

Monday, June 13, 2011

A TREE = 10 SONS !

Plant-A-Tree; Protect Earth---Inauguration: Mr. Roby Thomas,
former Forane President receiving Tree Sapling from Cris Thomas, President
The Forane Committee distributed tree saplings to the units as part of the World Environment Day Observation. President Cris Thomas inaugurated the event by giving the tree sapling to Mr. Roby Thomas, former Forane President and Besleham Unit President on 11th June. Representatives from Kadalikad, Vazhakulam, Ayavana, Enanalloor, Kalloorkad and Kavakad received the saplings for their units.

Friday, June 10, 2011


The St. Thomas Moore Day Celebrations will be conducted at Ayavana Unit on 19th June 2011 from 9.45 am to 12.30 pm.starting with Special Holy Mass. Our former Director Rev. Fr. Jose Pulloppillil will be the Chief Guest. All KCYM friends are cordially invited. All Office Bearers of units and all other activists are expected to be there from beginning to end. Please confirm your participation by a call.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The 4th Executive Meeting of the Forane Committee was held on 5th June at 2.30 pm at Vazhakulam. Diocesan Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Kottarathil was the Chief Guest of Honour at the Meeting. A warm welcome was given to the new Forane Director Rev. Fr. Geo Chemparathi. Rev. Fr. Sebastian, Asst. Vicar was also present. President presided over.
The committee decided to the following:-
1. To distribute saplings of trees to the units so as to plant it on 12th June at a special meeting to be held at each unit.
2. To celebrate St. Thomas Moore Day on 19th at 9.45 am (starting with Holy Mass by Rev. Fr. Jose Pulloppillil, former Forane Director) at Ayavana Unit and to make necessary arrangements for the same.
3.To make arrangements for the conduct of the 'Sabha Charithra Quiz' to be held on 26th June at Vazhakulam.
4. To make arrangements for the release of the Booklet on 'Anti-Cancer Campaign'

Rev. Fr. Kottarathil addresses the meeting
The Committee discussed on raising fund for the activities. Also decided to convene the next meeting on 26th June.