Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Memento to Rev. Fr. Pulloppillil by Mr. Cris Thomas

Memento to Rev. Fr. Kottarathil by Ms. Afina Mary Saju

An Executive Meeting of the Forane Committee was held on 15 May 2011 at 11.30 am at Vazhakulam. As our Directors are transfering, mementoes were presented to them, in honour of  their services and a token of our love and gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts we express our sincere thanks to both of them. We congratulate Rev. Fr. Kottarathil, who is appointed as the Asst. Director of KCYM Diocesan Committee.
The Committee discussed on the conduct of World Environment Day (WED) Observation and St.Thomas Moore Feast. And decided to distribute and plant trees in each units on WED and to celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Moore at Ayavana. Distribution of Cancer Awareness Booklet through the units is also planned.
President presided over. Director Rev. Fr. Jose Pulloppillil, Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Kottarathil, Animator Rev. Sr. Philsy SABS led the discussions.